Temple of Elagabalus

3d model and reconstruction

Temple of Elagabalus

The reconstruction of the Temple of Elagabalus is part of the large and complex reconstruction of the area around the Colosseum and the Fora.

The definition of the monument on an urban scale is ideal for bird’s eye views, particularly spectacular in this area which includes the most famous monuments in the ancient city.

Apart from the images in the viewer, on request, it is possible to have other videos or other images from different perspectives.

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Short history of

Temple of Elagabalus

On the east side of the Palatine, near the present-day church of Saint Sebastian, there is a large brickwork terrace which serves to contain the downward movement of the hill.

At the center of this great substructure sustaining the hillside the remains of an imposing monument have been identified as the Temple of Elagabalus. The emperor  is believed to have built the temple in honor of the sun god whose name he bore and whom he had served as a priest in Syria. Actually, the identification of these ruins with the temple is uncertain, but it is known that Saint Sebastian was killed on the “Steps of Elagabalus,” and that the church named after him was built on that same spot.