Stage sets between past and future

3d model and reconstruction

Stage sets between past and future

Virtual sets consisting of real and imaginary elements.

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Stage sets between past and future

Sets of 3D stages consisting of a stratification of real and imaginary elements: proud remains of ancient civilizations fit within the vertical spires of futurist skyscrapers, technological relics and evidence of ancient and modern architectures, Roman aquaducts and high-tech structures surmount a network of luminescent canyons and canals with information transmitted in the virtual city flowing inside them.

Inside this virtual space the stage machinery is set in motion, a fantastic piece of equipment onto which the real studio is assembled where the presenter moves around. A Cyber-ship consisting of a set of items, environments, stage spaces and technology infrastructures, all devoted to communication; a mooring pier for moving vehicles similar to submarines, a landing pad for helicopters, a crystal airship open on the outside virtual stage set.

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