The ancient city of Ostia

3d model and reconstruction

The ancient city of Ostia

For the reconstruction of the House of Diana at Ostia, we based our work on an analysis of the existing structure. There are shops on the ground floor and above the entrances to the shops a small window. This window normally belonged to the shop keeper’s apartment above. In addition to the shops there are entrances with ascending staircases. These staircases stop at the first floor but there is clear track that they continued to rise. So there were more levels. Why don’t they exist today? Probably they were collapses. The building’s remains contain shelf like arches that served to support the upper levels, probably made of wood to be lighter and to permit the construction of as many upper floors as possible and thereby rent as many apartments as possible.

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Short history of

The ancient city of Ostia

The ancient city of Ostia, now about 4 km from the coast to the advance of the mainland due to the action of the river Tiber, owed his fortune to the presence of ports that connected commercially the city of Rome.

Founded by King Ancus Marcius according to ancient sources, Ostia was built on a military camp along a river’s natural harbor.

Already the Emperor Claudius in A.D. 44 built a reservoir which was then abandoned when Trajan began the construction of a port further north.

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