Brixia Forum

3d model and reconstruction

Brixia Forum

Designed for the archaeological path below Palazzo Mocenigo in Brescia, the model for the reconstruction of the ancient Forum of Brixia was developed based on the studies conducted for the relocation, cataloguing and inventory of pieces and fragments of the Capitoline temple and of the Forum itself; within the same context the material has also been reattributed to the buildings and relocated, if possible, based on the traces and excavation evidence.

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Short history of

Brixia Forum

Brixia, today’s Brescia , was founded by the Romans in 89 a. C.

The actual ruins and excavations in the square of the forum are evidence of the area reset by the Emperor Vespasian. It is a large area of approximately 120 x 40 meters with a large colonnaded building, the civil basilica, on the north side the Capitol in monumental place, a theater, a temple and a spa building.