Saint Marcellino and Peter’s catacombs

3d model and reconstruction

Saint Marcellino and Peter’s catacombs

Starting from the initial section of Via Labicana, through Porta Maggiore to the church called Santi Marcellino e Pietro ad Duas Lauros, the images and reconstruction of the catacombs are like a cutaway of the ground which show the plan and cross-section of the sepulchral chambers.

Apart from the images in the viewer, on request, it is possible to have videos or other images from different perspectives.

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Short history of

Saint Marcellino and Peter’s catacombs

Saint Marcellino and Peter’s catacombs are on the Via Casilina on the third mile of the ancient Via Labicana.

The area was part of an imperial holding owned by August Helena (Emperor Constantine’s mother).

The entrance to the catacombs is at the church of the same name. The catacombs, together with Helena’s Mausoleum, a Basilica and the ruins of the cemetery of the ‘Equites Singulares’, form a complex known as ‘Ad Duas Lauros’, probably because of the presence of two laurel trees found in this place.

The catacombs take their name from Saints Marcellino and Peter, 4th century Roman martyrs, who were buried here. They extend over an area of 18,000 square meters, and are only in part accessible.

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