3d model and reconstruction


Reconstruction of a type and operation facility of Roman baths.

Apart from the images in the viewer, on request, it is possible to have videos or other images from different perspectives.

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Short history of


The Roman Baths were a structure built in public structures or private houses.

During the imperial period, the baths in Rome took on a monumental character. The areas specifically designed for bathing were the frigidarium, for cold water baths; the calidarium, a vast domed space with huge heated pools; the tepidarium, where a complex heating system assured bathing in warm water. But the baths were also equipped with gymnasiums, libraries, meeting rooms, and gardens. From literary sources we know that the typical sequence of the various phases of bathing included the following operations: sweat bath, hot water bath, cold water bath and massage. These stages corresponded to the person’s movement through a series of rooms and spaces: apoditerium (changing room); tepidarium; laconicum for the sweat bath; calidarium; again tepidarium; frigidarium; and finally back to the apoditerium.

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