Basilica Julia

3d model and reconstruction

Basilica Julia

The reconstruction of the Basilica Julia is part of the large and complex reconstruction of the Forum area. The definition of the monument on an urban scale is ideal for bird’s eye views, particularly spectacular in this area which includes the most famous monuments in the ancient city.

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Short history of

Basilica Julia

Of the monuments planned by Julius Caesar and brought to completion by Augustus in the area of the old Roman Forum, the Basilica Julia was especially important.

This building, a sales pavilion and seat of the courts, was built over the site of the old Basilica Sempronia on the south side of the Forum square. It was a vast rectangular hall (c. 100 X 50 meters) divided into five naves by four rows of columns belonging to a portico, probably two stories high. In the wake of the numerous fires and other events that affected the area over the centuries, only the access podium of the monument remains visible today. On the steps which constituted its north entrance it is still possible to notice some graffiti representing games, probably played by the numerous people who crowded the area in its moments of greatest activity.

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