Arch of Titus

3d model and reconstruction

Arch of Titus

The reconstruction of the Arch of Titus is part of the large and complex reconstruction of the area around the Colosseum and the Fora. The definition of the monument on an urban scale is ideal for bird’s eye views, particularly spectacular in this area which includes the most famous monuments in the ancient city.

Apart from the images in the viewer, on request, it is possible to have videos or other images from different perspectives.

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Short history of

Arch of Titus

An inscription on the attic shows the dedication of the monument by the Senate and the Roman People (SPQR) in honor of the “DivoTitus. The attribute that accompanies the name of the emperor, son of Vespasian indicates his complete deification, thus establishing that the monument was erected after Titus’ death in 81 AD. The honorary monument was probably commissioned by the Divo’s brother and successor, Domitian, to celebrate Titus’ victory over the Judeans (71 AD). The structure, with a single barrel vault, presents two large panels on the interior with scenes of the triumph: one of them, on the south side, represents objects taken from the temple of Jerusalem; the other, on the north side, shows the emperor driving a quadriga in the act of advancing toward triumph. On the ceiling of the vault Titus is shown bestride an eagle in the act of flying toward the heavens, in accordance with the tradition connected with the deification of Roman emperors after their death.