Storia tecnologica del Cinema

CustomerIstituto della Enciclopedia Italiana – Cineteca di Bologna
SubjectCinema, Music
PurposeConsultation, Resource
FormatDatabase, DVD/Video

Storia tecnologica del cinema (History of Cinema Technologies), in DVD and in a series of three CD-Roms, is an interactive reference device to approach the history of cinema through its technologies. Therefore the subject of the work is the technique of cinema and its evolution, both in its global aspect, as an original expression of art, that has refined its instruments in the definition and evolution of its own language, and as a point of junction and synthesis of different techniques and professions, that have contributed to the evolution of cinema, following each its own way. The DVD-Rom contains archive materials of different source and nature (photographs, screenplays, memoirs, scene designs, sketches, surveys and maps, audio and video clips), integrated into the multimedia system after a proper processing, and also original materials, expressly created for this work. These materials are: text cards on various subjects, edited by experts; graphical schemes and animations in 2D and 3D computer graphics, illustrating the functioning of special technological devices and production processes; reconstructions of cinema sets of most famous films, or films which are typical of a particular time in the history of cinema. Set reconstructions are in 3D computer graphics and can be explored by an interactive virtual navigation, with the opportunity of ‘questioning’ some objects in the set. So the virtual/ideal sets are themselves the key to access contents.