Santi Quattro Coronati

CoustomerGetty Institute – World Monuments Watch – Comunità Monache Agostiniane
SubjectAcheology, Architecture, Art
PurposeConsult/ Resource, Promotion

Realization of the web site, connected to the restoration of the cloister within the Church of Ss. Quattro Coronati in Rome.

The original basilica of Ss. Quattro Coronati (four crowned martyrs) was founded towards the end of the sixth century. It stands on the north side of the Coelian hill (Celio) in Rome, and is made up of several buildings grouped around the basilica. The oldest part of the basilica is a large nave with an apse to the west, built on the remains of an elaborate Roman villa dating from late Imperial times. Over the centuries, the group of ecclesiastical buildings that rose around the original basilica acquired considerable importance mainly due to the fact that the site was close to the Lateran Palace, used by the Popes as their official residence throughout the Middle Ages.

Since 1913, thanks to the work of the Fine Arts Superintendent Antonio Muà±oz, interest in this monumental complex has increased, and the study and restoration of the medieval parts is still underway today.

Recognition of the historical and artistic merits of the Cloister and of the urgency of conservation and restoration was enhanced when the World Monuments Watch, a program of the World Monuments Fund included the Cloister among its most recent listing of the 100 Most Endangered Sites (AD 2000).