Pompeii: the model and the city

CommittenteMANN – Archeological Museum of Naples

The video grew up to valorize the large model of the Pompeii excavations, built by Giuseppe Fiorelli in 1861, now in the large XCVI room of the MANN. The video was conceived in order to help the visitor to understand the importance of the model and the archaeological area that it documents in the nineteenth-century excavation phase: hence the subtitle “orienting between space and time”. One hundred and fifty years after its creation, the model has acquired a museum preciousness which partly risks to  compromise the purpose for which it was conceived. The continuous dialogue between the images and the model has therefore the aim to restore the maquette primary function, without diminishing its meaning and historical value. The visitor can easily observe and understand the position of excavation area reproduced in the model (which is only a part of the ancient city) and the areas of main interest, such as the Forum or the Theater District. The films and 3D reconstructions, mounted in axis with the plastic thanks to the photogrammetry and camera tracking, also give us a view of the city before the eruption and, in particular, allow the viewer to understand the actual position of Pompeii in relation to the nearby coastline and Vesuvius, or shows how Vesuvius itself, in 79 AD. C. on the eve of the eruption, presented itself to the ancient inhabitants of the city more like a gentle hill than a threatening volcano. The visitor of the Museum will thus be able to immerse himself in a fascinating journey between space and time through the reconstructions of the Roman city, the images of the excavations and the reading of the data crossed between reality and the model of Giuseppe Fiorelli.