CustomerRAI, Radio Televisione Italiana, Rai Educational

Production of the entire graphic design of the TV broadcasting: logo, virtual set, contributions and layouts.

From the opening logo, an exciting race through a canyon of ‘digital currents’ takes us to the virtual set that hosts the programme.

The 3D set consists of layers of real and imaginary elements: proud remains of ancient civilizations set against soaring spires of futurist skyscrapers, relicts of technology, modern and ancient buildings, Roman aqueducts and high-tech structures tower above a network of canyons and gleaming channels in which the information generated by the virtual city races by.

Within this virtual space moves the stage set, a fantastic machine bearing the real set where the anchor is seen walking about. A cyber-ship created out of a jumble of objects, areas, sets and technological infrastructures all dedicated to communications: a mooring place for submarine-like vessels, a landing pad for helicopters, a crystal airship opening out onto the virtual set outside.