Roman Villa of Cazzanello

CustomerUniversity of Tokyo

In 1992 a Japanese team from Tokyo State University, with some Italian staff, started to conduct systematic stratigraphy surveys in the locality of Cazzanello, not far from Tarquinia. This excavation, authorized by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Assets and Heritage and under the supervision of the Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici dell’Etruria Meridionale, led to finding substantial remains of a large residential complex from the Roman age. It is a villa which includes structural evidence from the period of the Republic to the late Antiquity age.

There had never been systematic archaeological research in this area before the intervention of the University of Tokyo, which began in 1986 with preliminary survey and then, from 1992, carried on with annual excavation campaigns. In 2002 the excavated area reached about 4,000 square metres, bringing to light the complex only partially, in fact it stretches South and East over the edges of the excavation.

Altair 4 is in charge of the 3D graphics processing of all data coming from the excavation in progress, updating the model in the course of the excavation as well as documenting the phases of the excavation itself.




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