La Villa della Farnesina

CustomerSoprintendenza Archeologica di Roma – Electa
SubjectArcheology, Art
PurposeExhibition/ Collection
FormatCD ROM

]”La Villa della Farnesina” is a CD-Rom dedicated to the villa discovered in the nineteenth century, during works to shore up the banks of the Tiber. Paintings from the villa are exhibited in the Museo Nazionale Romano in Palazzo Massimo alle Terme. Dating back to the late republican and early imperial era, it is one of the richest and most complete series of Roman frescos. The system lets you embark upon a virtual tour inside the Roman villa. You can wander through the main areas where the paintings were discovered, deciding which areas to visit and looking through 360º on three axes. All the paintings shown in the model are active: just click on them (on the walls of the rooms) to access the pictures and hypertexts related to them, obtaining full pictorial and textual information on related history, art and life. The interactive system also lets you move vertically, to observe the entire plan of the villa, and even to move higher still to see its position in the urban context of the ancient and modern city.