Il Museo d’arte di Ravenna

CustomerComune di Ravenna Servizio Istituzioni Museali
PurposeDocumental, Exhibition/ Collection

The four films were produced by Altair 4 for the exhibition ‘Dare un volto all’Innominato: Mysteries, Discoveries and Curiosities from the Restored Art’, held in the Pinacotheca (Picture Gallery) of the Ravenna Art Museum.

  1. The Loggetta Lombardesca: from Monastery to Art Museum of the town of Ravenna
  2. The Works and the Artists: Visit to the Pinacotheca
  3. From the Workshop to the Museum: the Restoration Work
  4. Dare un volto all’Innominato. Misteries, Discoveries and Curiosities from the Restored Art

The first film is dedicated to the Loggetta Lombardesca. This building, which in the 16th century was a monastery, now houses the Ravenna Municipal Gallery and City Art Museum. 3D models have been created from some old photographs of the Loggetta, with its picturesque Renaissance cloister, and superimposed on nowadays shootings, trying to reconstruct the historical events of the building.

The second film is on the pictures of the Pinacotheca. The exhibition is divided into three sections: Ancient Art, Modern Art and Contemporary Art. The visit to the Pinacotheca is filmed as in the eyes of children.

The third film is on restoration work. Restoration is an extraordinary occasion to look into the pictures and the painters. In fact, in the restorer’s workshop, numbers, figures, signs ” that were hidden or unknown until the pictures had been taken down from the Museum walls ” reappear behind the frames or on the picture surfaces, completing, updating and reconstructing the story of the work, the author and its documentation. The film tells the story of one of the pictures, from its arrival to the workshop to the exhibition in the Museum.

The fourth film is a play of movement inside ten pictures of the exhibition, through a 3D processing, with the musical accompaniment of the dell’Improvviso n. 2 in la bemolle maggiore, Op. 142 D935 by Franz Schubert.