Marmoribus Sculptis: Il Duomo di Modena, arte e storia

CustomerMuseo Civico d’Arte Medievale e Moderna di Modena
PurposeConsult/ Resource, Exhibition/ Collection
FormatCD ROM

]Marmoribus sculptis is a multimedia guide to the Cathedral of Modena. Founded in 1099 and consecrated in 1106, the Cathedral of Modena is one of Europe’s most important Romanesque buildings. Inscriptions with the names of the architect Lanfranco and the sculptor Wiligelmus are a precocious sign of the growing assertion of artists during the rise of the city-states.

From 1984 to 1996, the Cathedral of Modena was the subject of a series of restoration works, surveys and studies which did much to bring to light its cultural and historical value. These works played a part in the decision of UNESCO in 1997 to include the cathedral, the square and the bell tower ” known as the Ghirlandina ” in the World Heritage List.

The CD-Rom dedicated to the Cathedral of Modena was created as part of a restoration and renovation project for the Museo Lapidario del Duomo (the cathedral stonework museum), which opened to the public in September 1998.
The Museo Lapidario preserves importance examples of ancient stonework from the cathedral ” slabs, pluteuses, capitals, newels, and inscriptions ” dating back to the period between the eighth and thirteenth centuries, as well as a superb collection of sculptures of fantastic creatures from the remotest corners of the earth which made up the metopes that adorned the roof projections.
The need to make the relationships between these fragmentary works and the cathedral itself comprehensible to a wider public led to the idea of creating a multimedia product that would be easy to access and provide different types of approach.
The entire corpus of texts and images used for “Marmoribus sculptis” belong to the archives of the Museo Civico d’Arte, the municipal art museum of Modena; the project was set up in 1984 as part of the events and exhibitions organized by the City of Modena.

In its multimedia version, this heritage comprises about 800 images and 500 pages of text. A 3-D model of the cathedral has also been created to show it as it is today and as it was originally. Music from the time of construction has been used for the soundtrack.