Il destino di Roma

CustomerRAI, Radio Televisione Italiana, Rai2
SubjectArcheology, History

The animated films, in three-dimensional computer-graphics, for the documentary ‘Il destino di Roma’ (The Destiny of Rome) by Adolfo Conti, within the TV series ‘Il Filo di Arianna’ (Ariadne’s Thread), are the virtual reconstructions of two famous monuments of ancient Rome: the temple of Jupiter Capitoline and the Domus Aurea. The temple dedicated to the Capitoline Triad, Jupiter, Juno and Minerva, was founded on the Capitoline Hill by king Tarquinius Priscus in the VI century B. C. Its splendid painted terracotta decoration was made by artists from Etruria. Today only a massive foundation of tufa blocks remains of the great temple, that has been reconstructed on the basis of the sources and the comparison with coeval similar temples in Lazio and Etruria. The Domus Aurea is the great villa built by emperor Nero after the fire of 64 A. D. It was somptuously decorated with paintings and Greek statues. Of the entire building, two of the most evocative rooms have been reconstructed: the Nymphaeum and a room with alcove of the private imperial apartments.