How Nero Saved Rome

CustomerNational Geographic Channel
SubjectArchaeology, Architecture, Science/Technology

The documentary gives an original picture of the last Julio-Claudian Emperor Nero, bringing to light his positive qualities and his building activity that indelibly changed the aspect of Rome.

Stage reconstructions and over 16 minutes of CG 3D reproduce the spreading of the fire of 64 AD, that destroyed the capital of the Empire, and the following rebuilding activity promoted by Nero.

The 3D CG reconstructions for the first time show the poor streets of working-class quarters of the eternal city and the dazzling wealth of the Domus Aurea.

The narration creates a dialogue between the different opinions of scholars, trying to draw a profile of Nero, as in a puzzle, without any kind of absolution for him, but only giving an unbiased point of view, free of the devilish aura that a partisan history created around this controversial personality.

Now in DVD-video and Blue-Ray:

How Nero saved Rome a Cine Hollywood







XXI International Festival of Archaeological Cinema 2010, Museo Civico di Rovereto

Recognition for the Altair 4 Multimedia Production House for the twenty-year activity and the important contribution made in making 3D documentary filming, re-reconstructions and 3D animations ever more exciting and engaging