Great Project Pompeii

CustomerSoprintendenza Archeologica di Pompei
SubjectAcheology, Educational

The project for the Great Pompeii represents the sum of our work over twenty years for the enhancement of cultural heritage.
Reconstructions can be an instrument of democracy of knowledge, to attract during a brief visit visitors of various ages and culture to understand the size and value of what was and what has been handed down to us.The choice of the hybrid and multisensory mode was obligatory: the reconstructions anticipate the visit with a large reconstructive plastic on scale 1: 2000 where video mapping shows the city’s historical / urban development, the visit paths and the architectural and monumental emergencies of Pompeii, with the contemporaneous vision on the walls of subjective movements or bird flying within 3D computer graphic reconstructions of the same monumentsThe work develops and grows around three poles:The Forum, the monumental center of life of the ancient city, the Theater District and the wall system.
The reconstruction of these macro elements is integrated within the complete reconstruction of the urban structure. From the present point of view, through carefully observed typological and structural considerations in situ, it was possible for the first time to elaborate an overall hypothesis of the development of roofing for all the buildings of all the insulates, by integrating the similarity of the areas not yet excavated.