Das Mittelalter

CustomerUnited Soft Media Verlag GmbH, München – NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
SubjectHistory, Architecture, Science / Technology
FormatDVD Rom

The DVD-Rom ‘Das Mittelalter’ (The Middle Ages) is set out in a series of fourteen topic scenes, dedicated to the main aspects of life in the Middle Ages: the city, Byzantine architecture, Romanesque architecture, Gothic architecture, the castle, Italian castles, arms of the siege, profession of arms, crusades, Islam, the monastery, the countryside, pilgrimages and navigation. Topics are illustrated by text cards, coeval iconography, virtual reconstructions and time references. The DVD-Rom contains 31 3D reconstructions of cathedrals and castles, but also war machines and suits of armour, as well as panoramic photographs that can be explored at 360 degrees, text cards with over 150 glossary terms, photographs and images from original manuscripts. In addition there is a time-scale of the main events, illustrated by historical-thematic maps of Europe and Italy in the Middle Ages, from V to XV century.

The German edition of the work, in DVD, is enriched by texts, images and reconstructions of sites and monuments of German Middle Ages.




Finalist, Lugano 2005