Das Alte Agypten Deluxe

CustomerUnited Soft Media Verlag GmbH, München NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
FormatDVD – Video / Rom

Das Alte Agypten 2,0 Deluxe

Das Alte Agypten is a virtual exploration of the architectural wonders of pharaohs, and of other monuments in the Nile Valley. From the terrace Pyramid of Djoser to the Alexandria Lighthouse of Ptolemaic age, the programme reconstructs, in 3D and in all their polychromy, buildings that are nowadays highly ruined, or totally disappeared after Napoleon’s Campaign to Egypt at the end of the XVIII century. This famous expedition had non only a military objective but also a scientific one, that produced a valuable historical iconography, which is showed in the DVD/CD-Rom. An historical and archaeological corpus, an architectural typology, a glossary, a chronology and interactive maps give all the information about the monuments: an exceptional reference device.

The DVD Das Alte Agypten has been published in German and French.
An abridged CD-Rom edition has been published in Italian.