Viaggio Virtuale nell’Antico Egitto

CustomerMondadori New Media
SubjectAcheology, Science/Technology
PurposeConsult/ Resource, Educational
FormatCD ROM

This work takes its cue from the publication of the discoveries and observations of the Napoleonic expedition to Egypt in 1798. The scientific undertaking, carried out in the face of so many difficulties caused by the military nature of the campaign, was the first to provide a systematic survey of the magnificent remains of ancient Egyptian civilization, and it laid the foundations of what was to become modern Egyptology.
The CD contains the complete corpus of images of ancient Egypt taken from one of the original editions of the “Description de L’Egypte”, with the kind permission of the Ecole Francaise de Rome.

For the first time in Italy, a virtual tour has been created using a simulation tool based on real-time spherical anamorphosis of artificial images to produce stunningly realistic effects. A special program has been devised displaying the planches of the Description, ensuring excellent viewing even on small computers.
The CD-Rom contains about 620 MB of data, over a thousand images, 90 panoramas for the virtual tour, 48 minutes of audio, about 400 information sheets, and over 3000 hypertext links.





A propos de L’Egypte, le public des festivaliers a pu marcher, hier après-midi, dans les pas de Napoléon et de son corps expéditionnaire, pour voir en trois dimensions des bà¢timents et des monuments aujourd’hui détruits, totalement ou en partie… ‘, Sud Ovest, ‘ICRONOS : Festival du film archéologique. Voyage virtuel dans l’Antiquité’, Bertrand Poupard, 29.10.1998