Ancient Egypt 3D

CustomerSelf production Altair4 Multimedia
SubjectArchaeology, Geography, Travel/Exploration
FormatWindows App

Ancient Egypt 3D is a virtual exploration of the architectural wonders built by the pharaohs, and of other monuments in the Nile Valley. From the terraced Pyramid of Djoser to the Alexandria Lighthouse of the Ptolemaic age, the program reconstructs, in 3D and in all their polychromy, buildings that are nowadays highly ruined, or have totally disappeared after Napoleon’s Campaign to Egypt at the end of the XVIII century..

BONUS MATERIAL: Abu Simbel, The salvage of the Temples – a documentary about the relocation and reconstruction of the monuments that would have been inundated due to the building of the dam of Assuan in the Sixties, and the collection of black-and-white photographs from the book by Emile Bechard, L’Egypte et la Nubie, Paris 1878.